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ESGAR activities planned for this Spring

Dear ESGAR Ambassadors,
may I take this opportunity to update you on ESGAR activities planned for this Spring. 

In 2022, ESGAR will offer several workshops in the proven online format – from traditional and very successful topics such as liver and pancreas to new topics (f.e. small bowel and CT Colonography) and new ways of interactive learning! During several workshops, participants will have access to a full scrollable DICOM set of interesting cases!

In addition there is at least one confirmed on-site workshop in Autumn in Palermo. Updates on more workshops are coming soon!

 The upcoming virtual workshops in Spring are:


Virtual Small Bowel Workshop (NEW!!)
January 20 - 21, 2022


 All workshops are open for registration and CME accreditated!

Further information and updates about the programme, deadlines and faculty can be found here

I kindly ask you to promote the ESGAR Workshops widely in your country! If you need banners or other graphic files to advertise these activities please contact the ESGAR office!

Your help and cooperation is very much appreciated,

With best regards,

Giuseppe Brancatelli 


PS: Also, please do not forget that the ESGAR Annual Meeting Abstract Submission Deadline is on January 15, 2022!